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Vol 41 Issue 13 / Dec 7, 2021

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Recovery amid the silence about sexual violence at McGill

Juliet Morrison, Staff Writer

Divest McGill delivers petition to administration urging immediate divestment from TC Energy

Anoushka Oke, Staff Writer

$13 million donation set to fund new Institute for Indigenous Research and Knowledge

Dante Ventulieri, Contributor

SSMU Board of Directors postpones motion demanding president’s resignation

Isabelle Métivier, Contributor

Tribune Explains: COVID-19 protocols for final exams and the Winter 2022 semester

Eric Birzneck, Contributor

Executive Midterm Reviews

Students’ Society of McGill University Executive Midterm Reviews 2021-2022

The McGill Tribune Editorial Board

Post-Graduate Students’ Society of McGill University Executive Midterm Reviews 2021-2022

The McGill Tribune Editorial Board


Abolish the SPVM

The McGill Tribune Editorial Board

When Christmas isn’t how it used to be

Abby de Gala, Web Editor

Campus conversations: Recovery

Ella Fitzhugh, News Editor

Student Life

Montreal then and now: Documenting the city’s changing urban landscape

Wendy Zhao, Student life editor

Making way for handmade gifts

Holly Wethey, Student life editor

Taking the stage at Gerts

Abby McCormick, Staff Writer

Drinks for pre-and post-finals mirth

Holly Wethey, Student Life Editor


It’s the friends you make along the way

Adam Burton, Sports Editor

Arts & Entertainment

‘The French Dispatch’ is a shallow, inconsequential vanity project

Olivia Shan, Contributor

Comedy group enchants full house at Moyse Hall

Anna Berglas, Contributor

The McGill Tribune Presents: THE BEST AND WORST OF 2021

Lowell Wolfe, Michelle Siegel, Arian Kamel, Louis Lussier-Piette, Suzanna Graham

Science & Technology

Seeing double: An overview of cloning, past and present

Mikaela Shadick, Staff Writer

CRISPR-Cas9, the unwitting revolutionary

Atticus O’Rourke Rusin, Contributor

Household energy efficiency segregated along racial lines in the U.S., study finds

Yiwei Bian, Contributor


Intramurals and the inefficiency of IMLeagues

Adam Menikefs, Staff Writer

Fall 2021 McGill varsity report cards

Sarah Farnand, Madison McLauchlan, Adam Burton, Sophia Gorbounov



Moving Forward

Jasmine Acharya, Defne Gurcay, and Brian Schatteman

Highlights of Winter 2021


Queer McGill, SSMU, and UGE form coalition against proposed Bill 2

Ghazal Azizi

Student Life

Getting inked in Montreal

Abby McCormick


Say my name (right)

Sepideh Afshar


The social politics of municipal retrenchment

Michelle Marcus


Valuing equality over equity stunts science

The McGill Tribune Editorial Board

Arts & Entertainment

‘He’s All That’ is a hollow ode to ’90s teen nostalgia

Signy Harnad

Science & Technology

Where mother-of-pearl becomes glass

Mikaela Shadick


The NHLPA is leaving player health on the sidelines

Erin Smith


McGill's Lettuce Club: The Inaugural Meeting