Student of the Week: Maria Zamfir

Cece ZhangMar 25, 2014

This is the first year Maria Zamfir has not been involved in student politics in her five years at McGill. In all four years of her undergraduate neuroscience degree, Zamfir was involved in all manners of student politics, including the McGill Freshman...

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Student of the week: Alexander Langer

Alycia NoëMar 11, 2014

Always interested in human rights, Alexander Langer worked as an intern last summer at the Roma Community Centre in Toronto, an organization serving the Roma community across Canada. The organization provides assistance including education, settlements, and...

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Student of the week: Clovis Rigout

Steven LampertFeb 25, 2014

Does spinach, oyster mushrooms, and feta raviolis with a red pepper coulis sound better than your normal frozen pizza with a side of Kraft Dinner? Of course it does—but those types of dinners only exist for most students in the realm of parent visits and...

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Student of the week: Rachel Simmons

Mayaz AlamFeb 18, 2014

You’d be hard pressed to find anyone at McGill who knows more about the inner workings of student politics than Rachel Simmons. As parliamentarian for the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU), chief returning officer (CRO) for the Science...

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Student of the week: Laura Faulkner

Hailey MacKinnonFeb 11, 2014

Topics that may seem sensitive or taboo are no problem for Laura Faulkner. The U3 anatomy and cell biology student is a peer health educator for Healthy McGill, a student group that promotes healthy lifestyles for students on and off campus. Healthy McGill...

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Student of the week

Erica FriesenNov 19, 2013

Eirn Boparai is well-versed in the the art of being a good listener. As Vice-President Public Relations for McGill Students’ Nightline, Boparai helps spread the word about the various situations that volunteers at the phone line are trained to assist...

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