WHAT?! Name-our-blog contest?

Arts & Entertainment Blog is a pretty dope name. Here at the Tribune’s A&E section, however, we like to push the envelope with these things. Here’s the run: we’re giving you a chance to name our blog.

You: “Cyber-bro, what do I do?”

Me : “Broseidon, it’s actually very simple. All you have to do is think of a name for the Tribune’s Arts & Entertainment ‘web-log,’ and win glory for you, and your family, for the rest of time. In return, we’ve got a prize, which we’ll be announcing very shortly. In the meantime, start sending entries to arts@mcgilltribune.com.”

This indelible cyber-footprint will probably outlive us all, so think carefully. What sort of legacy do you want to leave your great-grandchildren?

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