SSMU Executive midterm reviews

Nov 26, 2013

At the end of each semester, the Tribune assesses SSMU executives based on their progress, engagement at SSMU Council, and presence at public events. Overall, we have found this year’s executives generally uncommunicative with the media. Additionally, SSMU...

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This Week in Research

Sam Reynolds, Caity Hui, Marlee VinegarApr 10, 2013

Dragonflies are advanced predators (Sam Reynolds) New studies on dragonflies and their hunting strategies have led researchers to believe that they may be among the most developed predators on the planet. One study, conducted by professor Robert M. Olberg...

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Get to know your SSMU Candidates, Pt I –...

Sara Espinal HenaoMar 19, 2013

These interviews have been edited and condensed by  Sara Espinal Henao Photos by Alexandra Allaire, Simon Poitrimolt, Sam Reynolds See Get to know your SSMU candidates, Pt 2 for the Tribune’s endorsements VP External The VP External Affairs represents...

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X vs. Y: Two of Montreal’s best burrito joint...

Feb 11, 2013

Mission Quatre Ilia Blinderman One of my longstanding gripes with Montreal’s claim to the title of ‘City of Culinary Delights’ (and I have many—try experiencing food in Australia, and then talk to me) is the dearth of Mexican food. I don’t...

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Pintxos offers tasty tapas with a Basque flai...

Sam ReynoldsFeb 5, 2013

Three weeks after Christmas, I still had not gotten my girlfriend a gift. In a last-ditch effort, I decided to plan her a romantic night out to an expensive restaurant. As a student, my knowledge of Montreal’s fine dining was limited to O. Noir, ‘that crazy blind place’ I’d been told about in first year. Wanting to actually see my girlfriend of three years during dinner, I perused online...

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FEATURE: No Home, No Hope; Who are the homele...

Roger Hamilton-MartinJan 14, 2013

For most people in Montreal, a walk through the city’s downtown area is part of the daily commute to school or work. Immersed in their routine, most commuters will not notice—or will pretend not to notice—the long-faced strangers sitting along the...

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Home for the Holidays

Dec 4, 2012

Photos by Alexandra Allaire, Sam Reynolds, and Michael Paolucci.

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Students at Nov. 22 demonstration call for fr...

Nov 26, 2012

On Nov. 22, students gathered in Montreal to protest in favour of free tuition and show their solidarity for student causes across the world. The protest was part of a global education strike week organized by the International Student Movement, a...

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Why leaves change colour during the fall

Sam ReynoldsOct 30, 2012

There is always a sense of child-like wonder that is evoked by staring at that vibrant, multi-coloured silver maple en route to work. Indeed, why trees change their colour during the fall is the kind of question a father might have to answer for his curious...

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Montreal Zombie Walk

Oct 23, 2012

Photos by Sam Reynolds.

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Backpage of Issue 7

Oct 16, 2012

Photos by Sam Reynolds and Alexandra Allaire.

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Staying alive: Redmen run past Bishop’s

Peter LaingOct 10, 2012

A must-win game, an undecided quarterback position, and a bruised and battered defensive line did not faze the McGill Redmen (2-4) as they defeated the Bishop’s Gaiters (2-4) on Thursday to capture the first annual Thanksgiving weekend “Turkey Bowl” by...

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