Dr. Karen Tonso discusses inclusivity in Engineering. 
(L-A Benoit / McGill Tribune)

Forum on diversity and inclusivity in Engineering discusses intersectional perspectives

Last Thursday, the Engineering Undergraduate Society (EUS) and the Faculty of Engineering hosted a forum about diversity and inclusivity in the field. According to the faculty’s website, the forum aimed to allow members of the engineering community to discuss their experiences with the challenges they faced regarding diversity and inclusivity, as well as possible solutions.

Conference discusses the future of LGBTQ Human Rights

Imagining the Future of LGBTQ Human Rights, a two-day conference held on Oct. 6 and 7 at Concordia University, sought to analyze a wide range of human rights issues and to discuss the future of the movement. The seminar addressed a multitude of critical global concerns, with a total of seven discussions on topics including

Councillors endorse AGSEM union drive. (Noah Sutton / McGill Tribune)

PGSS Council endorses AGSEM union drive, creates Sustainability Committee

Last Wednesday, the Post-Graduate Students’ Society (PGSS) Council heard a presentation regarding a motion that would endorse the Association of Graduate Students Employed at McGill’s (AGSEM) drive to increase the scope of teaching support workers that they represented. In addition, Council passed motions concerning the Post-Graduate Student Life Reform Package, the creation of a PGSS


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A precipitous balancing act

Today’s academic landscape has drastically evolved from that of the past. As universities pump out an increasing number of graduate students each year, the grant money and academic positions once available to incoming researchers are now spread thin. This phenomenon has resulted in more efforts and minds contributing to the pool of scientific discovery—a state


Science & Technology

Joe Schwarcz organized the annual Lorne Trottier Symposium. (L-A Benoit/ McGill Tribune)

Experts discuss life in outer space

Spanning two days, the Annual Trottier Public Science Symposium “Are We Alone?” took the audience to the moon, Mars, and beyond. Focusing on the origin of life in our solar system, the series explored the where and how of alien life. Monday Monday’s first speaker, Planetary Society President Jim Bell, discussed the journeys of Spirit,

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Escape from a prison cell at Echappe-Toi. (Courtesy of A/Maze Montreal Game)

Escape from reality with Echappe-Toi

Echappe-Toi, a real-life simulation experience based on Montreal’s Parthenais Prison, launched in Montreal on Tuesday, Oct. 7. Created by Montreal entrepreneurial lab Les Entrepreneurs Associés, the game offers participants 60 minutes to escape from a room using teamwork and a variety of clues. Popularized by Japanese role-playing video games in which players are locked inside

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Flying Lotus – You’re Dead!

You’re Dead!, the latest album from musician-producer Flying Lotus, is one that stubbornly refuses to adhere to the limitations of genre. Whether it’s the walking bass at the end of “Tesla,” the distorted guitar riffs that open “Cold Dead,” or the 8-bit sounds on “Dead Man’s Tetris,” Flying Lotus is not afraid to mix and

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